August 3, 2020
Entrepreneur Life
Gabriella Chihan Stanley

Business and communication ethics in times of a global pandemic.

I admit it. I might be a tiny bit emotional about this business and communication ethics, but I hope it's taken as an honest expression of concern and a call to action. Times are going to get tough, both as professionals and as human beings. At least for a while. Methods and tactics that worked in the past will be obsolete or plainly selfish, considering the big picture of things.

This new context invites us to question ourselves. How can we help others and, at the same time, help ourselves through our work? What would keep us together in times when we're either forced or advised to isolate ourselves from others while, at the same time, find ways to work as a team?

Now, more than ever, we need to find ways to help one another and find innovative practices to keep our businesses running as smoothly as possible. We need to redefine success, and, most importantly, understand that our financial survival (as well as our physical one) will depend on, quite a lot. And especially on our ability to work together for a cause greater than our own.

Businesses are living organisms

Let's be constructive in our feedback. Let's keep our projects and messages meaningful. Let's stay away from the my-pie-is-better-than-yours mentality. Let's stay away from criticizing the work of others for the sake of our gain. People are the ones behind companies, products, and projects, all of whom have children, parents, responsibilities, and duties.

Businesses are living organisms who thrive, fall, suffer, and succeed based on their actions and the actions of their environment. They are not an advertising ground or a playground for you to use for your benefit. Be mindful of your communication during these delicate times, and, most of all, respect one another and be useful with your comments.

Let's work together to bring new solutions to this new world. We have survived worse things. Why would this time be the exception?

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