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Our Services

vrisch is an XR* company based in Austria.

We create meaningful XR experiences that improve people's lives through entertainment, education, and well-being. Our work proposes tangible solutions across industries by blending cutting-edge extended reality technologies with engaging storytelling.
*XR stands for extended reality and is an umbrella term for VR, AR and 360 videos.

We take over the complete spectrum of

  • Content Creation
  • Development
  • Distribution
  • and Support
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Our Products

Sherlock Holmes: The case of the Hung Parliament – a full-motion video adventure in VR that brings immersive theater to the comfort of your own living room.

ARVUS – a participatory XR planning tool that facilitates communication and understanding when planning future shared spaces.

Interested in using any of these XR products as a tech basis to solve your own challenges and tell your own story?

Our clients

Need a hand finding out how to get started with XR projects? Need more info? VR here to answer all your questions!

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