GIRI in industrial environment, a product by Vrisch


GIRI – augmented reality for training and skills development

Management of human resources and staff training is crucial to achieving efficient performance and success. Augmented Reality (AR), brings you an entirely new way to solve your most common learning and development challenges.

According to a McKinsey report, on average, employees use 20% of their daily work time searching and gathering information.

Worldwide, companies face an annual workforce fluctuation of 240%. That means hiring 3 new employees per year who need to learn how to do their job from scratch.

During production peaks, companies need to hire extra staff but fail to train them in time. Often, this results in achieving only 90% of production goals.

AR training – the next best thing for training

Why AR

Does time matter for learning? Yes, it does. In an on-the-go life, time-efficient training is the key to outstanding results. AR significantly reduces the time spent in training by providing workforce with hands-on learning from day one.

Better retention

Due to its learning-by-doing approach and its ability to make learning fun, AR can increase retention by up to 75 percent

On-site training

AR enables users to superimpose their digital training resources directly on the physical work environment.

Endless opportunities for practice

Through the use of AR, workers can complete and repeat the instructions as many times as needed.


For manufacturing tasks, the use of AR can bring time savings of 25% or more

Introducing GIRI

Creating Augmented Reality content requires a series of complex skills such as programming and 3D asset creation, to name but a few. We have fixed that problem. GIRI puts the power of AR content creation in your hands. Its uncomplicated, yet complete interface allows you to create your training program effortlessly.

AR content creation at your fingertips

No programming or design skills required. Simply drag and drop symbols from GIRI’s user-friendly dashboard.

Hardware friendly

Headset and smartphone ready. Use the hardware that best suits your needs.

Easy. Intuitive. Efficient

Extremely easy to use interface, plus all the support you need via immediate in-app assistance.


Flexible subscription-based service. Use what you need, for as long as you need it.


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How it works

Using GIRI is as easy as 1-2-3.

Install the app and activate your AR device.


Create content. Drag and drop elements from the AR interface, record your video tutorial and let GIRI generate your training automatically.


Start your training!

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