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Fashion Collection Presentation on VR Catwalk

SO LCH LD is a fashion label that celebrates diversity in countless forms and combines art and fashion. An extraordinary fashion collection presentation has put vrisch on the map.

About the client

SO LCH LD CLOTHING is a designer label – but not limited to that: The cultural & social anthropologist Martina Rastinger, driven by the idea of enhanced interaction of art and fashion, designs fashion for (wo)men who can afford to remain children at heart. Fashion MADE IN AUSTRIA!

“I was delighted to work with vrisch in my first VR project. They went beyond their way to make my project unique, and they have an extraordinary eye for detail. Great team of professionals. Great group of humans.”

—Martina Rastinger, founder of SO LCH LD

The Challenge

SO LCH LD is a brand that spells diversity in countless forms. It merges classic styles with contemporary views and embraces time, place, and character as a daring and exciting adventure. As part of its dynamic spirit, the brand decided to explore new formats that would transmit their philosophy and style in original and equally purposeful ways. It was time to create something unique for all fashion lovers, and this is where we started our journey with SO LCH LD.

The Solution

Our proposal to solve this particular challenge was to create a 360 video-exclusive fashion walkway which previewed SO LCH LD’s new fashion collection. The experience invited viewers to dive into an immersive lookbook, the style of which followed the same look and feel as SO LCH LD’s brand concept as well as the unique storytelling style of the brand’s mastermind Martina Rastinger. This would allow them to attend and enjoy a most exclusive private fashion show, only available in immersive virtual format. On the VR-only fashion runway, viewers were in the first row, making them VIP guests at this event.

The Result

SO LCH LD experienced a significant increase in brand awareness after having pioneered the use of 360 video as a fashion lookbook. They became the first fashion brand in Austria to use this medium, and were pioneers in using it as a powerful and engaging commercial tool. Viewers reported that they were positively overwhelmed by the experience,, stating they felt as though they were “right there on the catwalk. This is indeed a one-of-a-kind way to experience fashion.”

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