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Sketch Your Lamp: An interactive VR drawing experience

Sketch Your Lamp (SYL) is a mixed-reality sketching tool. Users can design their ideal lamp by selecting a frame and using VR controllers as brushes. A holobox displays the process, and upon completion, users can print a QR code with an AR representation of their lamp.

About the client

This installation is part of an in-store concept comprising six stations commissioned by EGLO Leuchten GmbH.

The Challenge

The main challenge of our project was to bring EGLO's tagline "my light | my style" to life by developing a tool that allowed customers to design their own lamp and create a truly personalized shopping experience.

The Solution

The mixed-reality sketching tool, Sketch Your Lamp (SYL) provides users an immersive and interactive experience to design their dream EGLO lamp using groundbreaking technology.

It employs a VR headset on passthrough mode, a ticket printer, and a holobox to seamlessly integrate physical and digital experiences. Users start by selecting a lamp frame, then use VR controllers as brushes to create their unique lamp design. The holobox displays the sketching process for onlookers to observe. Upon completion, users can print a QR code containing an AR representation of their lamp, enabling them to virtually place their creation in any physical space.

"Sketch your Lamp is easily explained: draw a lampshade in VR, defying all laws of gravity. However, it was a demanding endeavor from a development aspect: we show what happens in VR on multiple output devices to entertain and draw spectators in. For example, the LED strips that give the station the style of the futuristic 80ies movie "Tron" change colors according to the materials selected. And, of course, you can follow the drawing process on a big holo screen, displaying the lampshade seemingly in 3D in front of you. " explains Michal from vrisch.

We were working with a local VR art studio for the designing process in VR. Through previous projects, Immerea has gained vast experience with sketching and displaying patterns and materials in VR, so getting them on board in this project became a big win for the experience.

The Result

"EGLO World of Lights" opened at the end of April 2023.

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