Based on Ed Ruscha‘s famous accordion-fold Leporello book ‘Every Building On The Sunset Strip (1966)’, Markus Oberndorfer, fifty years later, approached the Sunset Strip from yet another medial perspective. By quoting Ruscha and, so to say, reenacting Every Building On The Sunset Strip to be able to record multiple 360° videos of it for a Virtual Reality exhibition setting and installation, we get the possibility to oppose two timeline-based media works with each other, that deal with the same surroundings but at a different time and in a different visual medium, making it not only possible to compare the “Then & Now“ aspects related to built environment and lived space, but to also oppose two (Zeitgeist defined) visual media and apparatuses capturing it. Both, photography and 360° video aim to document our surroundings at a given moment for a spectator to later plunge into what has been documented. Both aim to make a „re-enter“ for the spectator possible. In photography, by choosing the most accurate frame and constellation to define what is visible for the spectator to interpret. In 360° video by literally documenting everything that is visible for the camera and making the spectator his/her own director of photography that chooses which frame is visible when by looking in one direction or the other. We, as vrisch, were honored to be in charge of the production of the 360º video segment of this project.

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