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VR Game: Fight the Cholesterol

Fight the Cholesterol teaches the treatment option for lowering LDL cholesterol in a clear and fun way.

About the client

MSD is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world.

The Challenge

MSD Austria is a healthcare company dedicated to improving the public understanding of health and providing innovative healthcare products and solutions. In line with their forward-looking philosophy, they wanted to offer doctors a more visual and enjoyable way to learn about the effects of a particular health disorder and further treatment that could be used during MSD-organized conferences and workshops.

The Solution

The message that MSD wanted to transmit was based on the amount of LDL cholesterol that should be eliminated from the patient’s blood in order for a treatment to be considered effective, along with the risk of failing to do so.

Our creative approach was to produce an interactive VR game in which participants had to eliminate LDL cholesterol from a patient’s blood by injecting the right amount of medicine into the bloodstream. The participants who reached the goal were included on a highscore board. Whoever accomplished the mission more effectively (right dosage, less time) would go higher up on the scoreboard. Whoever couldn’t accomplish the goal would get a message telling them they didn’t reach the minimum dosage in the given time, encouraging them to try again.

The Result

The game format of this VR experience significantly increased the interest of participants in learning more about the treatment by offering them a chance not only to gain new knowledge but also to have fun in the process. Users would come back repeatedly, bringing new players every time to challenge them to make it to the high score board.

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