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Lights. Camera. Action!: An AI-powered interactive installation

Lights. Camera. Action! (LCA) is an AI-powered interactive installation that captivates shop customers with unique "buddy lamps" that interact with visitors, providing a memorable and immersive retail experience.

About the client

This installation is part of an in-store concept comprising six stations commissioned by EGLO Leuchten GmbH.

The Challenge

The challenge for this project was to create an experience that fostered a personal connection with EGLO products while also incorporating a creative and fun approach that would make visitors enter the building with a smile.

The Solution

Lights. Camera. Action! (LCA) is an AI-powered interactive installation inspired by the iconic Pixar lamp, aimed at engaging and delighting customers at a lighting shop. The installation uses a 7-meter-wide LED display that spans the entire entrance wall of the building. As visitors enter, they are each assigned a unique "EGLO buddy lamp," a virtual representation of a real product available in the shop.

"The AI component of the project involves a machine-learning algorithm that recognizes individual users and their movements. The installation combines two high-resolution LED output displays, motion sensors, and depth cameras to accurately capture and associate customers' movements with the actions of their assigned lamps within the virtual environment", explains Michal from vrisch.

This allows the "buddy lamps" to seamlessly interact with visitors, reacting joyfully to their presence and exhibiting sadness when they leave. The lamps follow, accompany, and respond to visitors in a way that creates a captivating and immersive experience, making their visit to the shop genuinely memorable.

The Result

This innovative project successfully integrates AI technology and creative design to create a unique and approachable interactive experience for customers, demonstrating the potential of AI in enhancing engagement and user experiences in a retail setting.

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