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Light My Way: A VR Partner Game

Light My Way is a mixed-reality game for two people that tackles shopping challenges by fostering collaboration and emotional connection. Using a touchscreen, VR headset, and physical labyrinth, players navigate through time and space and solve tasks together.

About the client

This installation is part of an in-store concept comprising six stations commissioned by EGLO Leuchten GmbH.

The Challenge

Address the challenges that couples face during shopping, such as disagreements on what to buy, different tastes, and budget constraints, which often result in a rushed and tense shopping experience. Our objective was to create a collaborative and fun experience that would not only alleviate these stressors but also foster an emotional connection with the EGLO brand. By doing so, we aimed to make shopping less tedious and more memorable, with the added benefit of creating positive couple memories associated with the World of Lights.

"As we delved into the challenges couples face when shopping together, we recognized the need for a solution that could bridge differing tastes, facilitate decision-making, and enhance communication. Understanding that shopping can be an emotionally charged experience, we designed Light My Way to encourage collaboration and trust, while offering a fun and immersive environment." says Gabs from vrisch.

The Solution

Recognizing the challenges couples face when shopping together, we designed Light My Way (LMW), a mixed-reality game of collaboration, trust, and communication for couples.

Technically, the game relies on a touchscreen and VR headset for two players to interact within a physical labyrinth.  The environment is dimly lit, simulating a dark, starry atmosphere, and players must communicate effectively to solve tasks by sharing information through their respective devices.

"This installation is fascinating as it incorporates the onboarding into VR into the storyline. That detail makes the physical and virtual worlds blend in from the moment people enter the labyrinth to the end of the experience, thus creating virtual worlds that fit seamlessly “, remarks Alex from vrisch.

LMW leverages passthrough mixed reality, spatial anchors, and infrared markers to create a location-based roomscale VR game that creates lasting memories.

The Result

Producing LMW helped us find long-lasting solutions to elaborate technical challenges, such as ensuring reliable communication between devices, synchronizing the actions of two players into one single multi-device experience, and designing an environment that is simultaneously immersive, engaging, and easily navigable.

"EGLO World of Lights" opened at the end of April 2023.

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