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VR-Sustainability Game "Every Can Counts"

The project " Jede Dose Zählt" ("Every Can Counts") pursued the goal of using the innovative medium of VR to teach young people about proper waste separation.

About the client

Warda Network is an advertising agency specializing in advertising and digital productions.

The Challenge

The advertising agency Warda, together with Viennese PR agency Ecker & Partner created a campaign called Every Can Counts (Jede Dose Zählt) which aimed to familiarize young people with a proper system of waste sorting and recycling. Given the level of engagement that VR has amongst this target audience, they decided to include a virtual reality experience in their project.

The Solution

For the Jede Dose Zählt campaign, we created a virtual reality game through which players could learn about the value of aluminum as a raw material and gain knowledge about proper waste recycling disposal systems. Fun, colorful, and set in the iconic Schwarzenbergplatz of Vienna, the objective of the game was simple –players had to throw cans into recycling containers, getting different points depending on the level of difficulty of each target.

The Result

Jede Dose Zählt was successfully and frequently used at music festivals, sports events, and roadshows and caught the attention of teenagers, as well as people of all ages, all trying to surpass each other on the game’s high score board.

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