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Innovation in Retail Experiences: EGLO's XR Immersive Installations

EGLO Leuchten GmbH, a leading lighting manufacturer, entrusted us with the complete technical implementation including shopfitting of six interactive (XR) stations for their new flagship store "EGLO World of Lights" in Pill, Tyrol. We delivered a collection of six state-of-the-art XR projects, merging VR, AR, and AI to deliver captivating customer experiences and foster emotional connections with EGLO's innovative lighting solutions.

About the client

EGLO Leuchten GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of decorative residential lighting with headquarters in Pill, Tyrol and subsidiaries in more than 90 countries.

The Challenge

EGLO sought unique, interactive, and immersive experiences for their newly built flagship store, "EGLO World of Lights", to engage different customer segments, evoke positive emotions, and facilitate decision-making while showcasing EGLO's dedication to cutting-edge technology and design.

Retail spaces are changing. People shop more online than in shops. However, there's an opportunity to transform physical retail spaces into experiential locations that reveal the essence of the brand beyond the product itself, helping people create a deeper and more personal connection with brands and products. The role of advanced technologies in the evolution of retail is a huge opportunity to bring new ways for clients and brands to build more profound, personalized relationships.

After what felt like a dream, we won the pitch. Now it was time to put our concepts into action. This project needed to be ready in one year.

Six interactive installations, all technically different in nature and with their own set of technical challenges to overcome, each of them addressing a different need of the customer; plus, we would also be in charge of the interior architecture and shopfitting of all of them – an expertise that we never had to take care of ourselves before. But we were determined to bring exciting experiences to life and enrich the experience of customers in meaningful ways through advertising and immersive technologies.

"EGLO approached us with the idea of creating a retail space that showcases their products while telling a story about the history and future of light. As experts in creating immersive experiences, we were excited to take on this challenge and bring EGLO's vision to life," said Axel Dietrich, CEO of vrisch.
"Our goal was to create experiences that are not only fun and engaging but also emotionally resonant. By giving visitors a more personal way to interact with the content and the building itself, we hope to foster a sense of connection and familiarity with EGLO's products in more meaningful ways. Moreover, we want people to leave feeling inspired and excited about the possibilities of light," said Gabriella Chihan Stanley, CCO of vrisch.

The Solution

vrisch designed six XR installations for EGLO, incorporating AI, VR, and AR technology to create personalized and emotionally engaging experiences for various customer groups.

These installations include an AI-powered interactive display, a location-based game for children, a multi-sensory VR journey through lighting history, a mixed reality lamp design tool, a cooperative location-based game for couples, and a mixed reality lighting planner with expert consultation.

Together, these experiences foster a deeper connection between customers and EGLO's products while showcasing the brand's commitment to innovation and customer-centric design.

Lights. Camera. Action!

Discover more about vrisch's AI-powered entrance installation

Lamps vs. Zombies

An AI-powered location-based game for children

From Flame To Future: A Journey of Light

An animated virtual reality multi-sensory cinema experience

Sketch Your Lamp

An interactive mixed reality experience. A direct translation of EGLO's claim "my light | my style"

Light My Way

A virtual reality partner game that promotes the communication process while shopping

EGLO Lightplanner

EGLO Lightplanner is a cooperative lighting planning tool based on ARVUS

The success of the implementation is also based on strong partnerships vrisch holds with local creatives and communities like XRVienna. From these, the extended production team was recruited from enthusiasts in media technology, architecture, electronics, and media control systems. Partners for the project were not only based in Austria. vrisch worked with an exceptional animation team from Ukraine and awarded the commission a week before the war began. All were terrific partners to work with.

The Result

"EGLO World of Lights" opened at the end of April 2023.

In the press

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