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Leading international building materials company Baumit needed to find a way to showcase the diversity of processes happening at their production facilities. Most importantly, they required to offer a safe and time-efficient environment to allow its clients and partners to learn about their operations without the need to be physically present. 


Baumit 360 is a series of 360 video tours in and around Baumit’s facilities in Austria. Each tour offers visitors a chance to learn about how Baumit obtains, transports, and, later, processes raw materials to turn them into final construction products. Through these videos, users can make virtual private tours and observe different real-life production processes in action. They can also eliminate travel distance and increase safety measures. A high bonus point? Users will remember each of these experiences as an intimate and personalized moment in which they became an active part of a brand they love. 


By offering a risk-free and time-efficient way to get acquainted with their production methods, Baumit created an effective promotional and recruitment tool to retain customer loyalty and attract potential partners and employees. After the success of the first 360 video production, Baumit commissioned us to create a series of new virtual tours, along with an iOS and an Android app to contain these and other upcoming videos.

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