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Austrian Armed Forces – Alpine Skirmish






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Austrian Armed Forces – Alpine Skirmish


The Austrian Armed Forces (Bundesheer) is Austria's central military organization responsible for the country's defense. Its primary missions are the protection of institutions and democratic freedoms of Austrian citizens, as well as maintaining order and security inside the country and, especially, rendering assistance during catastrophes and disasters of exceptional magnitude. The need of the Bundesheer for this project was to create a visual tool to illustrate their involvement in each of their assigned missions so that people would get an accurate idea of the duties and responsibilities of the Austrian Army and as a result, decide to actively support it.


Using the immersive power of 360 videos, we were commissioned to demonstrate some of Bundesheer's primary missions, aiming to explain the involvement and procedures of the Austrian Armed Forces in each of these cases, also setting the viewer as a participant of these missions. The video would serve as an introductory training tool for new soldiers as well as a recruitment tool for potential candidates.


Due to the high success of the previous three videos we created for this campaign [add link to previous project], we were commissioned to create a fourth episode (this one), with which we could showcase missions with a higher degree of complexity and tougher environmental conditions. The fact that extra episodes were created was a result of the audience’s demand to see more examples of missions and shows how engaged they felt while experiencing them.

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