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Austrian Federal Forests (ÖBf)




360 video

360 Degree Forest of the Future

The virtual tour of the forest of the future enables visitors to understand the forest and its challenges, such as climate change and management, and to follow them up close.

About the client

The Austrian Federal Forests (ÖBf) manage natural areas for the Republic of Austria, of which about 510,000 hectares are forests alone. They manage, protect and cultivate Austria's natural resources, such as forests, lakes and mountains, and do so in the spirit of sustainability

The Challenge

The Austrian Federal Forests approached us with the wish to enable a virtual tour through the "Forest of the Future" by means of 360° video. The aim is to show how the forest in Austria and on our very own doorstep will change in the future and what challenges the forest will face as a result of climate change.

The Solution

The main purpose of the Federal Forests was to illustrate the impact of climate change and to communicate the extensive work of the Federal Forests. The aim is to visualize the effects and challenges that forests face, from weather extremes such as drought and heat to the infestation of the bark beetle and other forest parasites. 

This led to the idea of a digital forest tour, in which the topics would be talked about in detail and the relevant locations in the forest would be shown for this purpose.

By using a special 360° camera, it was possible to give the audience a panoramic view of several, otherwise inaccessible forest areas, which were highlighted with the relevant expertise of natural space manager Stefan Schörghuber.

The Result

The virtual forest tour to the forest of the future provides the perfect insight into the diversity of the existing forest areas and their developments in the future through the extensive explanations of the natural area manager and the 360° video.

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