We're not trying to change the world. We enhance it.

We are an immersive content production company from Vienna, Austria. We are dreamers as much as doers. We plan, design, and produce immersive content for enterprises and institutions around the world using virtual and augmented reality as a creative digital transformation approach. We are as curious as we are ambitious, and at the heart of each of our projects lies the strategy of helping humans understand the world beyond the abilities of their physical body. We’re not trying to replace the real world. We’re trying to enhance it.

Being born in Vienna, a city internationally famous for shaping the minds of artists and intellectuals throughout history, vrisch represents a unique, down to earth, yet imaginative approach in everything it creates. For us, innovation is only meaningful when it’s human-centered, and quality is our trademark.

Without community, there can be no socially meaningful experiences. That is why vrisch is also an active member of XRVienna, Austria’s first and biggest XR community for XR professionals and enthusiasts, offering our expertise through keynote talks, sponsorships, panel discussions, and experience corners.