Skero Videoclip

Challenge: Rapper and producer Skero is an acclaimed Austrian musician. He gained notoriety as a solo artist in 2010, when his song “Kabinenparty” reached the top 10 in the Austrian hit charts. At the end of 2015, he released an album called “Der Riese im Glashaus.” Following the footsteps of international vanguardist musicians such as Björk, he pioneered the local music scene by deciding to include a 360º VR video clip as part of the release of his album. This is how our project came into life.

Solution: The 360 video clip from the song “80s Party” we created for Skero had the goal of transporting viewers to one of Vienna’s iconic nightlife venues, Club U, to celebrate an 80s revival party with the rapper and his closest friends and live a crazy celeb night out together. They could choose to view Skero’s performance from his own personal perspective, or stand by him and watch him perform. The concept of the video was made in a way that it could boost the viewer’s feeling of being in a real party by creating some fast, blurry scenes that resembled a woozy happy person enjoying a wacky night out with friends.

Results: because of its unique approach, the project was featured on various radio programs and received more than 40K views on youtube