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As every parent knows, reading stories to children is a brilliant way to stimulate learning, attention, and creativity in young minds from a very early age. Nowadays, the role of digital technology has become evident in the development of new children’s literature and has also provided new possibilities of interaction between books and readers. This is the reason why American supermarket chain Walmart decided to commission the creation of a series of interactive books that would incorporate the use of the latest in digital technologies whilst being able to offer their customers the most innovative options for children’s literature.


This project was created with our partners Live Animations and Little Hippo Books, and consisted of creating a collection of interactive fairy tales through the use of augmented reality and educational content for children from 2 to 5 years old. The creative process started with a selection of the most popular classical fairy tales, followed by a creative concept that could be integrated harmoniously with the original story, adding in a unique visual style and fresh new interactive narratives through the use of mini-games and 3D character animation.


Following the successful purchase of 250,000 units and a customer rating of 4.8/5 for the first edition of this project, Walmart commissioned the creation of 3 subsequent volumes for the start of school season and for Christmas. At present time, the collection of these unique AR-books has grown to 18 titles.

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