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HoHo Vienna

Challenge: The Vienna-based investment company Kerbler Holding GmbH has cross-industry investments in various lines of business, one of them being the development of the unique-in-the-world HoHo Vienna, the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper, for which they needed a commercial tool that could be used to display the look and feel of the building before it was built, thus encouraging sales.    

Solution: Based on Hoho’s architectural blueprints, we created a real-time rendered interactive VR visualization of the building, including sample offices, common areas, and surroundings. On this experience, viewers were able to teleport themselves into different areas of the building and explore Hoho’s look and feel, look out the window and have a sneak peek of how the landscape of the actual physical area would look like once the project has reached its completion. By using room-scale tracking technology, viewers were able to walk around the rooms as if they were actually walking inside the finished building.

Results: Due to the high success and level of realism of the VR experience, Kerbler holding was asked to include the Hoho project as part of a 6-month exhibition at the Architectural Museum of Vienna (Architekturzentrum Wien), in which architects, students, and enthusiasts from all over the world had the chance to try the experience for themselves and learn about the building.

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