360° eXodus

Challenge: Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung, together with social organization Caritas Austria and telecom company T-Mobile wanted to create their first immersive journalistic piece. The function of this 360º VR video documentary was being a debate-stimulating tool for Austrian teenage students on the topic of refugees within the context of Caritas’s youth social work.

Solution: Together with Wiener Zeitung, we traveled to the refugee camp of Moussa Taleb in Lebanon to gather the testimonies of Syrian refugees on their journey to Lebanon. We also collected the stories of the Syrian refugees who chose Austria as their new safe haven. Most of the people we interviewed shared a similar age with the people the project wanted to reach, adding an extra layer of empathy to the final message. All the stories were placed together in a way that could help viewers reflect on the topics of humanitarian assistance, displacement, and the determination to survive, inviting them to start a dialog with one another on these topics.

Results: 360° eXodus is the first Austrian production to illustrate the topic of refugees in VR. In 2016, it received the prestigious Prelate-Hungarian Journalist Prize in the Online category.

Project video / news: